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Upholstery cleaning is a complex and tough job. The plush fibers that make up your upholstery can add beauty and interest to your workspace, but they are magnets for dust, and dirt, not to mention everyday wear and tear. Regular vacuuming is a way to maintain your chairs, couches, and other upholstery looking good, but over time the fibers become dull and worn. Choose Greener Method to professionally clean your upholstery.

commercial upholstery cleaning

Benefits of Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Protecting Your Investment and Extending the Life of Your Upholstery:

Furniture is an integral part of your workplace. It conveys style and performs many functions. Upholstery that is not maintained properly will wear more quickly as the embedded soils damage the fibers through abrasion. This effects the overall look and feel of the furniture, as it may begin to lose its vibrant colors, and lose its intended shape. Unmaintained upholstery will wear more quickly. Greener Method Technicians will inspect your upholstery, to identify fabric type, fabric condition, as well as overall construction as factors in mapping a cleaning plan.

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The Greener Method - We Use Only Environmentally Safe Products

We use plant-based, organic, and 100% biodegradable, green upholstery cleaning products that are safe for furniture of all types, your customers and staff members, and the environment. Our highly effective hot-water extraction truck-mounted cleaning system eliminates all the visible and invisible pollutants hiding in your upholstery. From tough stains to strong odors, we can eliminate it all. In addition, our state-of-the-art equipment cuts drying time in half.

Stain and Odor Removal for Industrial Upholstery

Do you have spill marks that are not being removed by DIY stain treatments? You may be overdue for a professional cleaning and stain treatment.

Why choose Greener Method for your Upholstery Cleaning Needs?

Our Commitment to a Safer Way to Clean

At the Greener Method, our hot water extraction method is effective, dependable, and gentle on your Upholstery. Our treatments are people friendly, and safe for the environment. We commit to bringing environmentally responsible cleaning products to your workplace. Our cleaning solutions will not contain Phosphates, Volatile Organic Compounds, or Synthetic additives. Our Solutions are non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for the environment, utilizing the many benefits found in the botanical world.

Our People

Greener Method Technicians are IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) Trained and Certified. This non-profit certifying body sets the standard of professionalism and knowledge in the Cleaning and Restoration Industry
Continuous Education and Training Programs, A rewarding work environment, as well as a culture committed to the best customer experience are the basis for our commitment to our many valued customers.

Our Process

Greener Method uses a complete process, utilizing the newest technologies and tools available in the marketplace. Our technicians pre-treat your upholstery for general soiling, as well as identifying special needs for spots or spills. Our technicians have a variety of responsible spotting solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We utilize a low PH fiber rinse in the hot water extraction process designed to leave your upholstery feeling soft, smelling fresh, and free of contaminants or cleaning solutions.

We also care for your workplace, by using protective items such as floor mats to protect your hard flooring, as well as corner guards to protect your walls. Our focus is on treating your business with respect.

Ask your friendly customer service representative about our botanical fiber protectant, odor eliminating products, as well as botanical-based disinfectant. Call today at 888-826-1777 for a free estimate tailored to your specific commercial cleaning needs.

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