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Trusted Residential and Commercial Upholstery Cleaning in Livonia, MI

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Professional upholstery cleaners experienced in thoroughly caring for your property.

Upholstery cleaning is a tough job you’ll have as a home or business owner. The plush fibers in your upholstery adds beauty and interest to your room, but they are magnets for dust and dirt - not to mention everyday wear and tear.

Regular vacuuming is an obvious way to keep your chairs, couches, and other upholstery looking good, but a professional steam cleaning will get into the crevices and fibers- leaving your furniture looking almost new again.

The Greener Method - We Use Only Environmentally Safe Products

We use plant-based, organic and 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly carpet cleaning products that are safe for carpets of all types, your family, and the environment. Our highly effective hot-water extraction truck-mounted cleaning system eliminates all the visible and invisible pollutants hiding in your carpet. From tough stains to strong odors, we can eliminate it all. In addition, our state-of-the-art equipment cuts drying time in half.



Expert Stain Removal for Every Fabric

Residential & Commercial Upholstery Cleaning in Livonia, MI | Greener Method - GM_Upholstery_Cleaning_9Even the most careful homeowner or office manager can’t avoid a guest’s accidental spill or dirt mark. The Greener Method is experienced in removing tough stains like coffee, tea, ink, gum, scuff marks, and more on upholstery fabrics of all blends – both natural and synthetic. Our stain removing solutions are effective at dramatically reducing or removing the stain altogether while preserving the vibrant fabric colors. Unlike weak, retail stain fighting products, our trusted solution is professional strength and has been proven effective in a variety of circumstances. If you have a tough stain, new or old, give us a call. We’ll be happy to assess the damage and provide the recommended treatment to eradicate it.

Pet Stains and Odors

Residential & Commercial Upholstery Cleaning in Livonia, MI | Greener Method - up3Does your cat or dog have a favorite chair he or she just can’t seem to stay out of? You need a professional vacuuming and steam cleaning from a company that knows just how dirty and smelly pet dander and paws can make your furniture. Fortunately, the team at The Greener Method loves pets and knows what it takes to remove the tough pet odor that seems to linger on furniture and take over the room. Our proven treatments are tough on odor and gentle on fabric. After the professional upholstery cleaners at The Greener Method finish cleaning your pet’s chair, it will be ready for anyone to enjoy.



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