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Infectious diseases such as COVID-19 making headlines across the world and essential business building owners and managers are taking notice and being ever more diligent about their sanitation practices. Proactive decontamination is fast becoming the way to address potential cross-contamination issues and reduce the threat of aggressive pathogenic microorganisms. Essential businesses that are remaining open must take new measures to insure employee health & safety.  With the threat of litigation seemingly as great as the threat of contamination, it has never been more important to know how to effectively deal with these infectious diseases.

Greener Method has the expertise & experience to deal with this new pandemic. Having and maintaining a clean facility is essential now more than ever.  However, even in the most spotless environments, there are always areas that daily manual sanitation processes do not touch. A regularly scheduled fogging treatment allows you to address exposed surfaces in your facility, complementing your current sanitation practices.

Treatment Process Options

Greener Method has various treatment options based on certain criteria.

  1. Precautionary treatment: After doing a building audit, we will clean & apply an EPA registered disinfectant to high touch points.  
  2. Suspected case (showing symptoms, no positive test results yet): In addition to cleaning & applying disinfectant to high touch points we will also fog the air with an EPA Registered disinfectant
  3. Confirmed case: In addition to the steps above we all also do a deep cleaning based on our building audit, which may include but not limited to flooring, walls, cubicle partitions, fabric chairs, etc. 
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