Why Choose the Greener Method for Your Stone and Tile Cleaning?

Whether you need residential or commercial tile cleaning, having a professional service help you, will remove all the dirt, just as in this picture.Originally posted on 05/02/2016

Stone and tile floors can add character to a room. The number of styles and types are numerous. The biggest problem you'll face is deciding on which style you want to install. However, once you’ve installed your new floor, you still must maintain it to keep it looking great. And that is where stone and tile cleaning products come in.

Stone and Tile Cleaning, Necessary for Property Cleanliness

Stone and tile cleaning presents its own unique set of circumstances. Most stone and tile surfaces have deep crevices where dirt and grime can accumulate over time and be very difficult to dislodge. To make the job easier, special solutions are available with rough surfaces, or surfaces with deep crevices between the tiles, in mind.

Stone and tile cleaning falls under two separate categories: Residential tile cleaning and business tile cleaning.

Residential Tile Cleaning

Residential are perhaps the easier of the two to maintain by virtue of its smaller size and the fact that these surfaces are not likely to have deeper crevices that attract dirt like magnet; nor are they likely to receive as much abuse as their business counterpart. In addition, you wouldn’t want to do anything to damage your floor’s appearance so a mild cleaner is preferable. Solutions found in your local grocer or department store are usually up to the task for residential tile cleaning.

Business or Commercial Tile Cleaning

Business tile cleaning presents a bigger problem since it includes surfaces that are designed to take punishment like that dished out in industrial kitchens and such. Sure, they can take more punishment but that is offset by the amount of abuse they received.

In addition, they may not get a thorough cleaning every day, so dirt and grime can build up and become very stubborn. When the time for a thorough cleaning does roll around, business tile cleaning may require stronger cleaning solutions that are engineered to power-out that stubborn dirt buried deep down in tile crevices.

Choose a Trusted Cleaning Professional for Your Stone and Tile Cleaning

Since some stone and tile surfaces have intricate designs, or surfaces that can be damaged if improperly maintained, your residential tile cleaning and business tile cleaning might be better left in the hands of a professional. At the very least, you should consult a pro before you begin.

Consider Greener Method for your stone or tile cleaning needs. Our team uses organic and 100% bio-degradable cleaning products to make sure your home or business gets clean the right way. Give us a call today to schedule your cleaning time.

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