What to Avoid When Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Company

Originally posted on 01/07/2018

Many homeowners are just as confused as this person on what carpet cleaning service to choose.Getting started with a project can be the toughest part.

If the seasons are changing, you had company over (or plan on it), you had a spill, or you are ready for a cleaner home, it is time to hire a cleaning crew. When choosing to invest in a professional carpet cleaning, there are a few things to consider. If you expect high-quality work and lasting results, avoid the following common mistakes in choosing the right company. 

1. Picking a Company Based on the Lowest Price

Dirt cheap prices hinder the company from providing the best possible service and using the best quality of products on your carpets. With that being said, you’ll likely need to call them again in a few months. It’s just not worth it!

2. Hiring a Cleaning Company Based on Their Equipment

Top-of-the-line equipment does not ensure a top-of-the-line clean. No matter how great of equipment that your carpet company boasts, the credentials of their technicians are more important. Unless your technician is highly trained and experienced like those at Greener Method, that fancy equipment is worthless. 

3. Choosing a Company that Uses Harsh Chemicals

Many carpet cleaning companies use harsh chemicals that could potentially harm you, your family, and your pets. The closer you get to nature, the further you are from harm. By working with natural ingredients and products, companies like Greener Method can help your home be safer. 

Choose a Quality Cleaning Company with Greener Method

Moral of the story? Call Greener Method today at (888) 826-1777 for your carpet cleaning needs! We’re professionals with exceptional equipment and an even better experience. We are fairly priced and always stand by our strict quality standards, including using organic materials. We pre-inspect every job and tell you what you can expect from us. If you don't feel we've achieved what we promise, we do it again.

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