Is Carpet Right for Your Home? 3 Things to Consider


Do you step out of bed, longing to put your feet down on something lush? Are you tired of cold feet throughout the winter? Carpet can satisfy these needs and provide a pleasant atmosphere for your home.

Find carpeting that fits your lifestyle, then give it regular attention. Before you buy your carpet, here are three things to consider.

1. Where Should I Put Carpet?


While hardwood and vinyl have their place in the flooring world, so too does carpeting. With its plush, soft texture, it presents several benefits to residents.

For example, kids play hard and fall hard. When they're around, you may want a cushion for them to bounce on; therefore, adding this textile to your home could prevent a few more bumps and scrapes. Consider it in playrooms and bedrooms. If you're worried about stains, avoid liquids in these areas, and keep carpet cleaning products readily available.


2. How Should I Pick My Carpeting?

Selecting the right fit is important. Think about your sensory needs and how you live in your home. Berber, one of the most common types, offers something durable. It's not as cushy as others, but it can handle daily wear and tear. Plush carpet, also known as Saxony, has a luxurious texture, pleasing to the toes; it, however, can easily get torn up. It may not work in kid zones.

Additional forms are available, such as level and multi-level loops. Both of these present a rougher touch but create a pleasant visual appearance. While not as comforting as the Saxony, these forms have their perks: Their designs can better hide wear and tear.


3. How Do I Keep Carpeting Clean?

Vacuuming picks up some of the dust, but it won't pull up everything. It's important to have a carpet cleaning company, like Greener Method in Detroit, MI, do a thorough wash every year, more often if you have pets or heavy stains. Not only does it keep the area fresh, but it pulls up dust mites, bacteria, and allergens, giving you better air quality. 

Even though alternate flooring may work better in the kitchen and bathroom, carpeting does have a place in the home. It just requires regular vacuuming and occasional professional cleaning from time to time. 


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