Importance of Disinfecting Services in 2020 and Beyond

Two service technicians clean an office up to the standards necessary to disinfect COVID-19.Staying healthy is always a priority, but in 2020, it has become much more difficult. 

COVID-19 has brought health risks to the world that haven’t been seen in 100 years. The disease presents only minor symptoms in many people, but some experience serious illness, sometimes death. The elderly and those with preexisting heart or breathing issues are at even greater risk. According to a document put out by the World Health Organization (WHO), about 1 in 5 people who become infected with COVID-19 need hospitalization. 

One of the best ways to protect yourself and others from Coronavirus is by having a clean environment. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about disinfecting your business to prevent health risks. 

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

Keeping your area clean is necessary to protect yourself, your staff, and any potential customers. Cleaning a surface is different from disinfecting that surface. Cleaning is removing dirt or particles. Disinfecting goes beyond cleaning to kill bacteria and viruses such as Coronavirus. 

Cleaning your surfaces should be your first priority. Use soap, vinegar, and water to remove any solid waste, even the tough to see solid waste. Then after cleaning the area, it is time to disinfect it. Take this second step to remove any exposure to Coronavirus and other diseases. 

Focus on High-Traffic Touchpoints for Cleaning and Disinfecting

Let’s focus on the most frequently used areas for your cleaning/disinfecting routine.

Hands are huge spreaders of diseases. When people cough or sneeze, their hand usually catches what their bodies are trying to release. After coughing or sneezing into their hand, people typically touch surfaces that then hold viruses ready for the next person who comes along. Some of the most common touchpoints in many public properties include:

  • Door Handles
  • Grocery Baskets
  • Gas Station Pumps
  • Trash cans
  • Toilet Handles
  • Railings

Create a Decontamination Plan

Keeping your area clean and disinfected will be the key differentiator between businesses that are part of the problem and those that help their community. Creating a safety plan with your staff will be essential to maintaining the health and safety of everyone who comes into your facility. Ask the right questions of your team to get the best results. Consider the following:

  1. What have we done to disinfect the surfaces?
  2. Would I feel comfortable going here?
  3. What new virus control procedures do we need to meet government guidelines?
  4. How do we prevent infected people from spreading Coronavirus here?

Partner with Quality Cleaners to Keep Your Business Safe from COVID-19

This disease carries danger, but they can be countered with safe, preventative measures being taken. Especially as restrictions begin to ease, keeping these safe practices as part of your cleaning routine could help protect your staff and customers, thus helping your business stay open. Here at Greener Method, our goal is to keep your staff and customers safe to keep your doors open. Our work has always been important, but with COVID-19 still presenting incredible health risks to people, it is even more important to work with a company like ours to keep a business like yours open. 

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