Allergies and Carpet-What You Need To Know

Originally posted on 12/05/2017

A woman takes a break from vacuuming to sit on her couch and blow her nose.For allergy sufferers, any kind of relief is necessary to living comfortably.

The struggles of a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing can become exhausting. So it’s important to keep your living environment clean for better breathing and fewer allergy flare-ups. Keeping your carpet as clean as can be from allergens and dust can make it much easier to breathe for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. 

Let's go through some of the in-home allergies associated with your carpet and what you can do about it.

Indoor Air Quality

According the American Lung Association, it’s reported that controlling allergies and asthma begins at home. For many people, the issue of indoor air quality has become at the top of their home’s priority list. Carpets tend to act as a magnet for allergens as they become trapped within the fibers which in turn pollute the air. When reducing allergens in the home, it reduces the triggers and attacks allergy and asthma sufferers face. It also reduces the chance for future episodes by being able to breathe easier.

Having Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Studies have shown that proper carpet care and cleaning can significantly reduce the amount of allergens. For allergy sufferers, this makes the environment suitable for living in enabling them to breathe easier. It’s often asked how often carpets should be professionally cleaned. In the case of allergy and asthma suffers, carpets should be professionally cleaned more frequently. It’s recommended by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American that carpets should be cleaned around 3-4 times a year by a professional carpet cleaner.

Why Organic Carpets Cleaners Are the Best

Allergy and asthma sufferers tend to be sensitive to some scents.  When certain chemicals mix with synthetic carpets, this chemical mix can potentially cause allergic reactions. Fortunately, with organic carpet cleaners, these fumes are virtually nonexistent thus resulting in no allergy or asthma attacks. Also, organic carpet cleaners greatly reduce mold growth potential– which is great for indoor air quality.

Breathe Freely After Your Home's Professional Carpet Cleaning

For allergy and asthma suffers, effective carpet maintenance and cleaning for health should be primary for a healthy environment that where you can breathe easily. Are you looking for reliable carpet cleaners? Then look no further. Contact the team at Greener Method today, we do carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and more! 

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