This is not just a job, this is about becoming a part of the mission that improves individuals’ lives, both in their homes and businesses.

Those hard-working people who are working remotely from their home offices. Many are also juggling virtual school for their children from the same space. Those diligent employees working on-site and concerned about their health and safety in the time of a pandemic. Increased stress impacts employee morale, productivity, and results. That can all change in an instant…if they only knew there is a team, and a company, who can improve their environments with organic ‘green’ cleaning and COVID disinfecting. Greener Method can improve people’s lives by improving their surroundings with powerful all-natural methods & solutions.

Our Why:

"When I was working for another company, I noticed the discomfort and welt that traditional cleaning agents left on my skin. I knew there had to be a better way to get the cleanest of clean and also be safe for kids, families, pets, and our team members. Clean, Safe, and Healthy: This is why I started Greener Method over nine years ago."
- Joel Wheaton, Founder

Apply Now - Cleaning and Water Restoration Technician

Protect your employees, family and pets with our affordable, effective, and environmentally-safe cleaning services.